“Renmer are at the top end of the scale of satisfaction”
Mrs Job, Switzerland


Short- and long-term storage for furniture and household goods is available in Renmer’s modern storage facility in Middlesex. So, if there are items you don’t need for a few days or weeks, or pieces of furniture you plan to leave behind in the UK, we can take good care of them for you.

All unpacked furniture received into our warehouse for temporary or permanent storage will be covered with woollen furniture blankets to protect the goods whilst in our custody. The old-fashioned methods are often the best and we recommend storage in traditional pre-fabricated wooden storage cases measuring approximately 7’ long x 5’ wide x 7.5’ high. This provides up to 250 cubic feet of mixed storage space for furniture and/or packed cartons. The single door is secured by a padlock to safeguard your possessions.

We can also arrange storage inside shipping line containers, which are kept inside the warehouse. All household contents are loaded and placed directly inside the container. This is particularly useful if you have large items of furniture or need to store your entire household contents either short- or long-term.

You can also have complete peace of mind that our Records management system is simple yet effective, so we will know exactly where your goods are at any given time. All records are kept in straightforward Microsoft Excel or Word files, so we don’t make it any more complicated than it has to be.

Whatever your storage requirements, we are confident that Renmer has a suitable solution. Please contact us for more details.


Although we are all trying to cut back on the use of paper, most businesses need to maintain records and paper archives for a certain period of time. Renmer can provide highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for all your document archiving and records management needs. Choose from three available options:

Secure Small Rooms
The secure small rooms are most suitable for storing boxes of various sizes, cases or any other type of loose stock or any unusual item that requires not only a safe and secure, but also a completely segregated storage room facility.

Large Caged Storage Areas
Within our warehouse, we have panelled areas specifically designed to house large quantities of documents in various sized boxes. Your storage area is segregated by high metal fireproof fencing panels for ultimate privacy and safety. This area can be fitted with shelving if necessary and there is one secure entry door to your cage.

Wooden Storage Cases
We also provide wooden archive storage cases, specially designed and manufactured to accommodate smaller quantities of standard document archive boxes. The storage case is fitted with strong shelving to take boxes no more than three rows high, for easy handling and prevention of damage to the contents. A single padlocked door keeps your records safe and secure.